Omega Mantels of Stone offers élite custom and formed stone products, similar cast stone fireplaces, traditional limestone mantels as well as stone hoods for kitchenette. Over the years, we have converted a mantels business leader by our aptitude to respond to all customer requests with satisfaction.

All of our mantels, hoods plus moldings are crafted through true artisans using old-world methods and are available. That’s what prepared our products well-known. We are staffed through over 20 expert artisans and devoted employees who are continually more than eager to collaborate so as to create that “timeless, exclusive” piece. The range hood is attractive and conceals the handy constituents of the ventilation.

The Omega variety of appliances syndicates all the classic design components and grander workmanship of excellence specialist makers, through the affordability plus versatility so highly preferred by the multi-tiered domestic marketplace. Every product in widespread Omega variety – from cooktop oven, as well as dishwasher toward range hood, refrigerator plus laundry products – is testament toward the firm’s distinctive sense of balance in the blend of style with function, permanency and great value for money.

This big kitchen vent hood is whatever we can call a foundation, or an eye-catcher. Prepared by Omega, its enormous size and stone finish creates its presence patent in this attractive kitchen.

This Omega Kitchen stone hoods is a slide out hood. Silently remove smoke and wetness with its 340 cu m/hr removal capacity. Furthermore, the Omega features 3 speed sets. Its halogen lighting allows you to light the cooktop. The range hood has a 68 dB functioning noise level, aluminum filters, plus a recirculating design. Plus, it has inevitably activated push/pull controls, thus you can control smoke elimination. The omega range hood has an aluminum, white, plus stainless steel finish. It features a 2 year builder warranty. The Omega range hood features a 600mm breadth with a 175mm elevation. It’s a smart choice for taking benefit of added lighting.

Upsurge the value of your home plus add nostalgic attraction with a cast stone range hood from omega. All of our range hoods are adeptly hand-crafted plus made in the USA. Add deluxe charm and sophistication, joined with the sense of old-world longing to your kitchenette with the flawless cast stone range hood.

It is beyond hesitation that a Kitchen is an acute room in a household. The kitchen will be sparkling and pleasant while beautified. The Kitchen stone hoods are the most important item which gives the elegance and exemplary appearance as well as significantly more. We furnish you with excellence stone terrain hoods. Your kitchen would look exceptional while it has the Stone Range Hoods through omega. The Stone Vent Hoods aids in keeping the kitchenette clean by dropping issues like smoke, damp, dust, smell and so on, which came around when making meals. What’s more, a kitchen prepared of ultra-light travertine, artificial limestone draw out all the quality that you will ever need.

Lots of persons might not understand it, however having a decent Kitchen Stone Hoods, improves quality air circulation, therefore a better life. That might sound amazing, yet it is valid. How? Certainly, if you advance compact cooking and cleanse the air in the meantime, sensitivity side effects could be diminished.

It is clear that more persons are now undergoing hypersensitivities as well as sensitivities to many things in the house, particularly from chemicals. Even however the fixings utilized as a portion of air fresheners are said toward be sheltered, irrespective they still signify a possible danger to our comfort since, they are not steady fixings.

By presenting a Kitchen Hood Designs by omega, you will be hitting two birds by one stone. To start with, it will aid you evacuate steam in addition to smells simultaneously; second, which is an repercussion of the primary, you retain up the hygiene of the air in the kitchen, in this way shielding the comfort of your family. A Custom Range Hood aids in letting fresh air in the kitchenette; it expels ruthless air, oil particles, which typically cause blockage in your chimney scheme, the Hood play its purpose adequately.

Our kitchen hoods is custom made toward fit your space and could be made to practically any size. We work through custom designs. Range hoods is light in weight as well as easy to install.