By Vilan Trub, Marketing

BizWireTV is a sleek digital news show that reaches audiences around the globe. For a brand looking to amplify their latest announcement, there is no doubt that being featured on the program creates greater access to wider audiences, making a strong visual impression on potential clients and customers.

Here are some great tips from Executive Producer Amy Feller that will increase the chances of your news release being featured on BizWireTV:

Write a compelling headline

Headlines don’t just attract readers, they entice viewers as well. A succinct and intriguing headline is the perfect lead-in to a digital news story, sucking in viewers’ attentions. It’s not by accident that local televised news broadcasts offer a taste of the stories coming after a commercial break, what can be considered a form of a headline. A great headline should offer enough details to allow the viewer to know that the story is relevant to them, but at the same time create mystery and offer the opportunity of enlightenment. A great headline that garners interest from readers will also garner the interest of BizWireTV’s staff and enhance the chance of the story being featured in the show.

Include HD video files that help tell your story

We live in the multimedia age and today’s news releases have the capability to take full advantage. Sending out a smart news release, featuring a video, makes it easier for the featured news to travel around today’s most popular platforms, all quickly transforming into multimedia platforms. Scroll down a Facebook page, or Twitter and see how much content is visual. Today’s tech is designed to be smart, so a news release should be as well. Visual news highly increases a brands chances of landing on a visual news show.

Include large hi-rez images

For the same reasons that videos are an important asset to the news release, hi-resolution images are as well. It’s not enough to just tell audiences your story, you need to show them who the story is coming from. When audiences see the people behind the stories or see the products being described, they have a stronger connection and interest to the brand issuing the news. These are vital aspects to a news broadcast and BizWireTV looks for these assets in the news sourcing each episode.

Share your news socially

A core component of BizWireTV is news-related data analysis powered by Business Wire’s NewsTrak reports and NUVI social media tracking. Sharing your story on social platforms increases its chances of landing on the top 5 trending stories of the week.

Include your official logo 

There is no more important branding than a logo. It’s how the public recognizes a brand and that’s why BizWireTV looks for news releases that include official logos. Logos are just as important for startups and other new companies as they are for more established corporations because the logo will become how audiences will come to recognize the brand.

What kind of stories does BizWireTV look for?

  • Launch news of new product and services
  • “firsts” in whatever industry you’re in
  • Startups, Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns/young companies with fresh VC funding
  • Entertainment stories

Sponsored Headlines

BizWireTV features a Sponsored Headlines segment allowing clients the opportunity to have their story featured in the show.

BizWireTV Sponsored Headlines include:

  • An on-air read of a client’s headline within the show by host, Jordyn Rolling
  • Listing on-screen via a text crawl and release screen grab
  • Inclusion in the episode’s National news release
  • Promotion across Business Wire social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram)

Learn more about BizWireTV’s Sponsored Headlines