By Vilan Trub, Marketing

BizWireTV was born when Business Wire partnered with Al Roker Entertainment to create a video news show with stories sourced from announcements crossing the newswire’s patented distribution network. Two years later and the show is a huge success with millions of views. To celebrate, Business Wire put together an event giving some of today’s leading communicators the chance to meet and learn from Al Roker as BizWireTV host Jordyn Rolling led a livestreamed fireside chat.

You can view a replay of the livestream here

Al Roker touched upon many subjects, starting by explaining that he initially had no intention of a career in television. It was during college while taking a class on television performance, Roker joked, that he was told by a professor that he has a face for radio. A class he shared with fellow icon, Jerry Seinfeld. He did, however, land his first job as a weatherman at the time in Syracuse after submitting a tape.

Jordyn Rolling, host of BizWireTVAl then touched upon an event that entered him into the record books, Rokerthon. After hearing about a Norwegian woman who set the world record for longest continues weather cast, the unimpressed Roker joked that he could top the tally with ease. Following the taping of the live episode, his crew inquired as to when the record breaking event would take place. Al, forgetting his braggadocios claim, had gotten himself into a corner and took the challenge head on. The result was a 36 hour live marathon, a precursor, he points out himself, to the live streaming culture prevalent today. In usual Al Roker fashion, he joked that when a microphone was accidently left on during a restroom break, the world got to hear him actually “live streaming.”

While most attendees admitted to starting their days at 6 or 7 in the morning, Al admitted that his duties force him to rise at 4am. He’s hard working and ambitious and with Al Roker Entertainment and Al Roker Lab he’s creating content seen around the world. His goals, however, are inspiring in their humbleness. “I don’t want to change the world,” Al said wholeheartedly, “I just don’t want people to feel like they’ve wasted their time.”

Partnering with Business Wire gives Al Roker a unique opportunity to create factual, news driven content. The conversation turned to the current trend of fake news, but Roker wasn’t distraught, instead having faith that majority of people can identify the veracity of the news they’re consuming. He then explained what it was about the newswire that piqued his interest, “When people see news from Business Wire, they know they can trust it.”

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