We caught up with model, law student, and entrepreneur and January 2018 cover model Laura Henshaw to talk about a typical day in her shoes.


6:30 am: wake up and have an espresso. I can’t stomach food before training.

8 am (breakfast): protein-packed smoothie bowl or two whole eggs with ½ an avocado, spinach and smoked salmon. I always ensure I refuel my body with a high-protein-packed meal after training.

12 pm (lunch): tuna or chicken salad with loads of greens, crunchy seeds, and Avo. I dress my salad in olive oil, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar.

3 pm (snack): I always crave something sweet at this time, so I will have a homemade KIC smoothie ball or a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit or some berries.

6:30 pm (dinner): this is different every night, but usually I have heaps of veggies with either salmon, chicken or beef. I am loving baked salmon at the moment with a roasted Brussel sprout salad and some roasted sweet potato. The dinner recipes on KIC are a combination of my favorite dishes plus a whole heap of crowd pleasers.

8 pm (after dinner): I always crave something sweet after dinner. I will have Greek yogurt and berries, homemade banana ice-cream (just blend frozen bananas), or dark choc and a peppermint tea to aid in my digestion.


I am loving the training combination I have at the moment; I always change it up so I don’t get bored or plateau. My training every week is a combination of HIIT, boxing, strength and running. I do boxing one or two times per week, HIIT twice a week and run about three or four times per week. I always make sure I have one rest day to let my body recover.


I don’t have many days that are the same, but I always get up between 6 and 7 am and get my workout done early. I get back from the gym and have breakfast, and then if it is a quiet day I’ll head to my office to catch up on emails. If I’m busy, I’m usually between shoots and meetings. Or sometimes I do all three! It really depends on the day. I also always ensure I switch off (or try as hard as I can to buy 8 pm) so I can spend quality time with my partner, Dalton.


I relax by running and switching off from social media for a few hours, or even a full day if I need it.

Model: Laura Henshaw // kicgirls.com // @laura.henshaw // @keepitcleaner
Photographer: Ren Pidgeon // @renpidgeon
HMU: Monica Gingold // @monicagingold_beauty

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